5 Essential Strategies To Land More Clients
    15th Feb 2019

    5 Essential Strategies To Land More Clients

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    2019 is well and truly upon us and if you’re like most custom home builders, securing clients and booking out your services are on the top of the priority list. In years gone by, a letterbox drop, print advertising piece or even word of mouth would likely do the trick. In this day and age, your digital presence is everything. If you haven’t yet invested in your digital footprint, the time is now. We’ve outlined the very best ways for professional builders to land more clients today.


    1. Launch a professionally designed website

    Nothing turns off potential clients quite as much as a slow, poorly designed website. Almost 53% of website traffic is mobile these days so your website needs to be mobile responsive. A DIY website likely doesn’t have the capabilities to capture your audience’s attention on mobile if you’ve done it yourself.

    Hire a website developer who can design and code a professional piece. This will pay itself off in no time!



    2. Get Social

    79% of Australians are now using social media. That statistic has grown by 10% in a year alone. If you don’t have a social media presence, it’s likely your competitors do and you’re missing out on the gravy as a result.

    The key is to grow an active and engaged audience by humanising your brand. Take them on a journey with you as you begin projects, complete homes and everything in between. 94% of social media users have a Facebook page and 46% are on Instagram. So if you’re going to concentrate on any platforms, make it those.

    Further to this, almost 64% of consumers stated they would be more likely to trust a brand if they interact with followers in a positive way on social media.



    3. Showcase Your Plans Online

    Once you attract your ideal demographic to your website, you want to showcase what you can do for them. The very best way to do this is to upload your range of plans online. Visitors can browse and dream about their ideal home while online and hopefully, this will convert to a hot lead for you.

    Organise your plans by type for example, 3 bedroom modern homes, 5 bedroom replica homes, apartments and so on. This will make it easy for them to find exactly what they’re looking for.

    HINT: we have over 200 buildable, bankable designs readily available through our subscription service.


    4. Create High-Quality Content

    Producing high quality content is a must when enhancing your digital presence. Grainy images and sloppy copywriting just won’t cut it in this day and age. If you can’t create the content yourself, consider hiring a graphic designer and copywriter to help you.

    The type of content every builder should be producing is:

    • Social Media Content: a minimum of 4 posts per week
    • A monthly blog
    • Email marketing to current, prospective and past clients


    5. SEO Is Important

    As most prospective clients are searching for you online, you need to make it easy for them to find you. Your organic search engine optimisation covers your website. At the very least, each page should include a keyword such as ‘Builder Brisbane’ and have a meta description to compliment it.

    You can also up the ante through paid Google Advertising. This is where you can select a range of keywords and pay for your website to be shown first when prospective clients are looking for you.

    Remember, great content comes first with SEO being the icing on the cake.



    Obtaining high quality, hot leads is imperative to every business owner but more-so for builders. As you know, as soon as a job finishes, you need another to replace it. Don’t get caught out constantly chasing leads, create a winning online presence that works for you.

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    Home Building Trends To Incorporate in 2019
    14th Dec 2018

    Home Building Trends To Incorporate in 2019

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    When it comes to home design, true style never dates. That’s not to say there isn’t a place for trends. If you want to win business and keep those clients of yours happy, you need to stay on top of what’s trending in home design. Don’t spend your whole day scouring the internet for what’s hot and what’s not, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about home building trends for you.


    Without further ado, here’s what we’re going to be seeing a lot of in 2019.


    Sunrooms Are Back In  

    We’re seeing more and more modern Australian’s embrace the sunroom. Not only do sunrooms add a gorgeous light filled room to the house, they are versatile. From home office, to playroom to a sanctuary when guests pop in, they are an added bonus to any home design.

    Source: interiorsonline.com.au


    Open Plan Living Areas Are Here To Stay

    This isn’t news but we’re seeing the trend cemented in 2019. Homeowners value an open plan living area above all else. Plans which seamlessly incorporate the typical flow of the modern Australian lifestyle will be chosen again and again. Think of the living, dining, kitchen and even the outdoor area as one large functional and stylish playground.

    Source: homestolove.com.au


    Purposeful Space

    As land sizes are getting smaller and smaller with each generation, Australians are now thinking strategically about their space. We’re seeing a trend towards embracing the minimalist movement. Rather than grand rooms and large unused spaces, go for dual-function rooms which work with the owner to encompass all of their needs.


    For example, a sitting room might now double as a home office or playroom for the kids. 1 bathroom may be swapped out for a powder room and laundry instead. The home office may be incorporated into a ‘nook’ rather than taking up a whole bedroom.

    Source: informdesign.com.au


    Eco Friendly Homes Are In High Demand

    Australians are serious about reducing their carbon footprint. We’ve banned disposable plastic bags, we’re purchasing mindfully and we’re recycling more and more. Homes should be designed with lifestyle elements to mirror their owners. As such, eco friendly homes are being requested more often than not.


    Think of insulation to keep the homes cool in summer and warm in winter to save the excess use of electricity. Solar panels and water tanks are almost a must these days. Also look at the materials you are using. Are they sustainable? Can you use recycled materials rather than new to create the same look? Being on the front foot of this will serve you well in 2019.

    Source: youaretheriver.com


    If you’ve been searching for house plans that have been designed for the modern consumer in mind, you’ve come to the right place. With over 200 buildable, bankable designs available on our database, we’re sure you’ll find the very thing to wow your clients in 2019.

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    30th Oct 2018

    Adaptable Housing: The Future Of Home Design

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    Here at AREI Designs, we are all about ensuring each and every home we design is functional along with of course, stunning in it’s design. A new wave of home design is making headway in Australia and we’re happy to report, we’ve adopted the trend and now offer Adaptable Housing in our subscription package.


    An adaptable house is designed with the current and future needs of the client in mind. For example, empty nesters may seek a smaller and efficient home now but what about as they age? Will their needs change? We believe they will and an adaptable house can accommodate these changes without the need to demolish or renovate extensively.


    The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that the percentage of individuals with a disability increases significantly with age. It’s estimated more than 50% of people aged over 60 will have physical limitations. For this reason, we truly believe adaptable housing is the future of home design. Here’s why.


    Adaptable Floor Plans

    Mobility and declining physical capabilities can be catered for with ease with an adaptable house plan. Homes are pre-designed to include widened hallways fit for wheelchairs, lower cabinetry for easy reach and bathrooms that can be easily modified should one of the occupants require assistance bathing in the future.

    adaptable housing


    Access is a key requirement when designing an adaptable home and each plan is equipped with easy access into the home with the inclusions of ramps, handrails and flatter surfaces. Materials used are non slip meaning the likelihood of a fall due to wet weather is minimised.


    adaptable housing



    The Australian Standard AS 4299-1995, Adaptable Housing provides guidance on what qualifies as a livable house, accessible house and adaptable house. Here at AREI, we design to cater to all three sub-groups. You can access these plans once you subscribe to our database of buildable, bankable house plans.

    For those of you who are not sure what the requirements are for each, we’ve outlined this below for you.

    • A Liveable House is designed with the changing needs of the occupants in mind.
    • An Accessible Home is designed for access and mobility with the ability to accommodate wheelchairs in all areas of the home. The design must meet Australian Standard AS 1428.1-2001
    • An Adaptable Home is a liveable home which is easily adapted to become an accessible home in the future.

    At AREI Designs, each of our adaptable homes have been designed to comply with the Liveable Housing Australia Guidelines. 

    References:  http://www.yourhome.gov 

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    2nd Oct 2018

    How An AREI Subscription Can Save You Money

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    Minimising expenses and maximising profits rank high on the priority list for most business owners. Working in a way that is lean, profitable and poised for growth is an absolute must. Which begs the question, how do you decide where to spend and where to save? What makes a smart investment and what constitutes a ‘nice to have’ but not necessary expense?

    Here at AREI Designs, we work with builders to not only provide their clients with their dream home, but also to grow and scale their home building business. As designers who have worked in the industry for many years, we know what makes a build profitable.

    We believe in transparency first and foremost and we’re all about getting new clients on your books. We’re all about return on investment and want you to reap the rewards when you work with us. Which is why we’ve created this piece outlining how an AREI subscription can actually save you money in the long run. For real.


    1. Incredible Value

    Let us break it down for you. If you’re building 5 homes or more per year, you are likely already spending upwards of $12,500 per year on house plans. Most architects charge $2,500 or more for a custom house plan. Here at AREI Designs, our Construction Package gives you 5 construction drawing sets PLUS access to over 200 buildable, bankable designs for less than what you’re paying for 5 house plans standalone.

    We’re not mathematicians but when you’re looking at your top line expenses, it just makes sense to maximise your investment.



    2. Pricing Sets

    As builders, keeping your build within budget is paramount. When you work with us, we provide unlimited pricing sets which are downloadable for all of our website designs. These include a floor plan, dimension plan, elevations and 3D views.

    This means that there’s no need to worry about the cost of preliminary drawings before your clients have signed the contract.


    3. Free Custom Concept Brochures

    Sometimes your client might struggle to find a plan that suits their exact requirements which is why we offer each of our subscribers 5 free custom concept brochures – including floor plan and 3 renders for you to show your client.

    How many other builders have the option of presenting their clients (or potential clients) with a free custom design? We’d say not many. This subscription feature WILL save you money and will wow clients at the same time.


    4. Quick Turn Around

    It’s no secret, time is money. We get that your time is valuable and billable which is why we make it a goal of ours to provide you with a super speedy service. We want your work to keep flowing through the door while impressing your potential clients.

    We’re really proud that our current turnaround times for plans are between 2 and 5 days meaning the wait time for you/your clients is non-existent. You won’t waste time waiting around when you work with us.


    5. Help with Marketing

    From talking to our builders, we know that successful marketing is one your of the greatest struggles. How do you get your name out there, improve the image of your business and generate leads, all without outlaying too much money?

    We took your pain points and created a marketing guide to answer all of your burning questions. It’s available to all of our current subscribers and is packed full of actionable tips to help you achieve your business goals.



    If you would like to know more, Ben or Rebecca would love to have a chat.

    Ben Dye

    0419 786 578

    Rebecca Marzella
    Business Development & Relationship Manager

    0447 273 481

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    18th Sep 2018

    5 Reasons Why Investing In Quality House Plans Is So Important

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    Your house is arguably the most expensive item in your investment portfolio. It’s also your home. The place where you and your family create memories, grow, squabble, play endless games, share meals and more. It’s the heart of your family. When it comes to new builds, extensions and even renovations, it really pays to get the professionals involved to provide you with quality house plans. 

    When you work with a professional to design a house plan, not only are you getting high quality designs, you are accessing their creative, analytical minds. Here are some of our top reasons why you really should invest where it counts. 

    1. Sometimes, designers have great ideas

    The other day I had a retiree couple who approached me for a custom house design. They had in mind a beautiful classic contemporary home on stumps – about 750mm off the ground. The one thing that had slipped their mind? They were building their ‘forever home’ – the place they would retire and grow old in, but they had only stair access. Adding a ramp now, during the planning process, means they won’t have the hassle of converting their home in the future when stairs become too hard or dangerous to negotiate.
    Designers don’t necessarily know exactly what you need like you do, but an experienced designer can bring some great, unique ideas to the table that you might not have thought of yourself. The icing on the cake so to speak. And sometimes, they can discourage you from making a really annoying design decision as well.
    1. Quality designers aren’t free

    As the saying goes, nothing worthwhile in life is cheap, or easy, and it definitely isn’t free! Many homeowners choose to skimp on their planning budget, without fully considering that quality house plans can be the difference between the success and failure of the project. And even, if a project goes over or under budget.
    For example; 
    • Properly detailing exactly what YOU want on the plans, and even in a written specification means that when a builder quotes he can quote exactly on what you want. Reducing the uncertainty for him reduces the ‘unknown factor’ he adds in his margin, and can reduce the likelihood of being stung by expensive variations halfway through the contract.
    • Designing your house right the first time can save you thousands of dollars in renovations in the future.  By taking the time now to plan for the future and designing a home you can grow into rather than out grow in a couple of years. I.e: if your children are young now you can pre-plan for a teenagers retreat in the coming years saving the hassle of an extension down the track.  


    1. Sustainability 

    This is a big one. Designers are well-versed in designing energy efficient, sustainable homes. If you want to save thousands on electricity, water and gas, hiring a designer is the way to go. They will take your homes location into consideration and provide innovative solutions including solar power panels, natural heating and cooling options and more. 
    There’s nothing worse than getting into a ‘dream’ home only to realise it’s freezing in winter and stifling in summer. Smart design will minimise this by working with your surroundings, not against them. 
    1. Quality Investment 

    Being the proud owner of an architecturally designed home is not only a great conversation starter at a BBQ, it gives your home a nice little tick to potential buyers in the future. 
    It’s a cold, hard, fact that custom designed homes sell quicker and for a higher price than their counterparts (dependent on circumstances such as; market conditions, location and the condition of your home) which gives you peace of mind when it comes to resale value. In the current economy, every advantage in the residential market is a bonus. 
    When it comes to return on investment, the outlay for quality house plans will well and truly pay for themselves. 
    1. Customise Every Square Metre 

    There’s something to be said for the beauty that is ‘customisation’. Are you an avid reader? Why not add a purpose built library to show off your literary obsession? If the kitchen is where your family spends most of their time, why not order an oversized island bench ready for daily family catch-ups? Are the kids always on top of you? There’s nothing quite like a separate ‘parent-wing’ to ease the congestion and noise associated with a large family. 
    Basically, all of those dream home images you’ve spent hours pinning on your Pinterest can easily become a reality with a qualified, experienced home designer. Yes, it will cost you but the benefits? We’re confident they outweigh each and every argument for saving that $3k or so. 
    If you’ve been in the market for a new home or customised build for a while now and haven’t yet found what you’re looking for, contact us to find out how we can help. 

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    How To Know a House Design Is Right For You
    9th Aug 2018

    How To Know a House Design Is Right For You

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    2 bathrooms, or 3 bathrooms? Kitchen in the centre of the house or opening onto the alfresco area? Monochrome or bright and cheerful? Oh the decisions that come with building your own home!


    How do you make sure your dream home, is just that – perfect for you, and your family?


    Step 1: Make a list

    We’re talking a comprehensive list of “must haves” and “must not haves”. The reason for this is simple: before you start shopping you need to have a very good idea of both what you want and what you really NEED.

    Also keep in mind how long you plan to stay there. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? Will you have 4 children or parents living with you that you need to accommodate as well? Do you work form home and need a home office?

    Is it your forever home? If so, make sure you spend plenty of time in the planning process. There is no need to rush a design if you are planning to be there for the long haul.



    Step 2: Custom or Pre-designed?

    So you’ve made a list of your must and must-not haves. The next step is to decide whether a completely Custom Home Design or a Pre-designed Home is the best choice for you.

    A great starting point is to contact a local builder who has a great range of pre-designed home designs for you to look at. Our AREI Exclusive builders have access to our range of 200+ designs which are beautiful, cost effective, and perfect for the Aussie lifestyle and weather. Find and contact one of our builders (Australia wide) here.

    If you have unique requirements, or a tricky block to work with, you may find a custom design is the best option. If so, approach your designer (or one of the AREI Builders who have complete custom designs at their fingertips) armed with pictures and notes of what you love.


    Step 3: Choosing the design

    Successfully selecting a design, whether pre-designed or custom, is all about marrying these two things together:
    Your list of “must and must-not haves”
    Consideration of the climate, site aspect, solar angles, prevailing breezes, privacy issues, views, and outdoor needs.

    One of the biggest mistakes home owners make is not selecting a house layout that suits THEIR block. Even if it is the most beautiful design, you will find that lack of consideration of the climate and aspect can make an otherwise amazing house quite uncomfortable to live in. Don’t be afraid to get advice on this from the professionals!


    Step 4: Now, ask yourself these questions

    • Does the design match your list of “must haves”?
    • Does the design avoid all of your “must not haves”?
    • If not, are they criteria you are happy to be flexible with?
    • Is there something about the design that makes you feel excited?
    • Does the design suit the aspect of the block?
    • Will the house be able to “grow” with you? I.e. accommodate your changing needs over the years?
      And finally…
    • Can you picture yourself living here?


    If you can answer yes all of these questions then you know you’ve found the house design right for you!

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    29th Jun 2018

    How does an AREI subscription benefit Custom Home Builders?

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    We get the question a lot: You offer pre-designed homes, but my company mainly does custom homes, how can AREI subscription benefit me?


    Here are just a few reasons why we’re certain we can help you out.


    We offer complete custom house designs at a competitive price

    As qualified building designers with 30+ years’ experience, we cut our teeth on custom house designs. They are also the designs we most love creating! From our most affordable basic preliminary and construction drawing sets, through to 3D rendered concept plans, construction drawings and specification, we can give your clients the fair dinkum custom experience they’re after. It’s up to you and your client what you choose.


    Our pre-designed floor plans can be the starting point for every custom design you build

    Apart from the clients who approach you with architect designed plans, few clients approach their builder with an extremely detailed sketch. They want to sit there with you/your designer and piece together their dream home. They do this by looking at existing designs, and basically ‘selecting’ the pieces they like. Having our extensive 

    range of plans on hand, makes this process simpler and more exciting for them. And you never know, they may just fall in love with one of our designs, which means less drafting + designing time and expense for you both! #Winning

    Our goal is to generate website leads for your business

    Having an attractive and comprehensive range of plans on your website is a great way to attract traffic. When implemented correctly, (">send us an email and we can show you some great examples) you are more likely to appear in Google searches, and more likely to receive enquiries from the website visits you receive. Having a great range of plans means that your business looks more professional, and helps you to compete with the ‘big guys’.

    We help you with social media growth

    Let’s not forget the social media help we provide. Social media is such a large part of creating a successful business these days! We’ll there with you every step of the way, cross promoting, sharing your current projects and

     letting our follower base know all about your business. Check out our Instagram Page here.



    Curious to learn more?

    Contact Ben – , 0419 786 578, or Rebecca – , 0447 273 481.

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    4th Apr 2018

    How we curate our range of house plans

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    Here at Arei Designs, we’re all about giving our builders the best possible selection of practical and beautiful home designs. So how do we decide which floor plans to share, and which ones to…not?

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