How An AREI Subscription Can Save You Money

Minimising expenses and maximising profits rank high on the priority list for most business owners. Working in a way that is lean, profitable and poised for growth is an absolute must. Which begs the question, how do you decide where to spend and where to save? What makes a smart investment and what constitutes a ‘nice to have’ but not necessary expense?

Here at AREI Designs, we work with builders to not only provide their clients with their dream home, but also to grow and scale their home building business. As designers who have worked in the industry for many years, we know what makes a build profitable.

We believe in transparency first and foremost and we’re all about getting new clients on your books. We’re all about return on investment and want you to reap the rewards when you work with us. Which is why we’ve created this piece outlining how an AREI subscription can actually save you money in the long run. For real.


1. Incredible Value

Let us break it down for you. If you’re building 5 homes or more per year, you are likely already spending upwards of $12,500 per year on house plans. Most architects charge $2,500 or more for a custom house plan. Here at AREI Designs, our Construction Package gives you 5 construction drawing sets PLUS access to over 200 buildable, bankable designs for less than what you’re paying for 5 house plans standalone.

We’re not mathematicians but when you’re looking at your top line expenses, it just makes sense to maximise your investment.



2. Pricing Sets

As builders, keeping your build within budget is paramount. When you work with us, we provide unlimited pricing sets which are downloadable for all of our website designs. These include a floor plan, dimension plan, elevations and 3D views.

This means that there’s no need to worry about the cost of preliminary drawings before your clients have signed the contract.


3. Free Custom Concept Brochures

Sometimes your client might struggle to find a plan that suits their exact requirements which is why we offer each of our subscribers 5 free custom concept brochures – including floor plan and 3 renders for you to show your client.

How many other builders have the option of presenting their clients (or potential clients) with a free custom design? We’d say not many. This subscription feature WILL save you money and will wow clients at the same time.


4. Quick Turn Around

It’s no secret, time is money. We get that your time is valuable and billable which is why we make it a goal of ours to provide you with a super speedy service. We want your work to keep flowing through the door while impressing your potential clients.

We’re really proud that our current turnaround times for plans are between 2 and 5 days meaning the wait time for you/your clients is non-existent. You won’t waste time waiting around when you work with us.


5. Help with Marketing

From talking to our builders, we know that successful marketing is one your of the greatest struggles. How do you get your name out there, improve the image of your business and generate leads, all without outlaying too much money?

We took your pain points and created a marketing guide to answer all of your burning questions. It’s available to all of our current subscribers and is packed full of actionable tips to help you achieve your business goals.


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