Adaptable Housing: The Future Of Home Design

Here at AREI Designs, we are all about ensuring each and every home we design is functional along with of course, stunning in it’s design. A new wave of home design is making headway in Australia and we’re happy to report, we’ve adopted the trend and now offer Adaptable Housing in our subscription package.


An adaptable house is designed with the current and future needs of the client in mind. For example, empty nesters may seek a smaller and efficient home now but what about as they age? Will their needs change? We believe they will and an adaptable house can accommodate these changes without the need to demolish or renovate extensively.


The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that the percentage of individuals with a disability increases significantly with age. It’s estimated more than 50% of people aged over 60 will have physical limitations. For this reason, we truly believe adaptable housing is the future of home design. Here’s why.


Adaptable Floor Plans

Mobility and declining physical capabilities can be catered for with ease with an adaptable house plan. Homes are pre-designed to include widened hallways fit for wheelchairs, lower cabinetry for easy reach and bathrooms that can be easily modified should one of the occupants require assistance bathing in the future.

adaptable housing


Access is a key requirement when designing an adaptable home and each plan is equipped with easy access into the home with the inclusions of ramps, handrails and flatter surfaces. Materials used are non slip meaning the likelihood of a fall due to wet weather is minimised.


adaptable housing



The Australian Standard AS 4299-1995, Adaptable Housing provides guidance on what qualifies as a livable house, accessible house and adaptable house. Here at AREI, we design to cater to all three sub-groups. You can access these plans once you subscribe to our database of buildable, bankable house plans.

For those of you who are not sure what the requirements are for each, we’ve outlined this below for you.

  • A Liveable House is designed with the changing needs of the occupants in mind.
  • An Accessible Home is designed for access and mobility with the ability to accommodate wheelchairs in all areas of the home. The design must meet Australian Standard AS 1428.1-2001
  • An Adaptable Home is a liveable home which is easily adapted to become an accessible home in the future.

At AREI Designs, each of our adaptable homes have been designed to comply with the Liveable Housing Australia Guidelines. 



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