3 Perks Home Builders Can Access With An Arei Design Subscription

When you join our subscription service, you have access to a whole range of perks designed to help you focus on what you do best: building top-notch custom homes. Along with access to a comprehensive, constantly evolving database of concept home plans, we’ve expanded our service offerings with you in mind. 

Once you subscribe, we become your design partner. We help you to grow your business through increased brand exposure, social media marketing, design advice and drafting support.

Basically, we want to be your one-stop-shop for design. 


Designed with the builder in mind 

Having worked in the industry for many years, we know what it’s like to receive a plan only to realise it’s not designed with you in mind. Each design we upload to our constantly evolving database is strategised to be buildable and bankable. Each set of plans come with suggestions regarding block size, frontage and even block type to make your planning process simple. 

Free Additional Design Service 

See a design but need adjustments made to get your client over the line? No worries! Our team of draftspeople are on hand to amend and tweak to suit. 

Further to this, we offer all current subscribers the opportunity to request a brand new design at no additional cost. 

Recently, we designed a suite of Granny Flats on request. It was such a well-received design, we decided to expand on the series and offer it to all subscribers. 

house floorplan


Drafting and Construction Service 

Our service doesn’t end with high-quality home designs. Because we have already completed the concept designs, the design documentation process for construction drawings is simpler and quicker. We offer this service for all current subscribers at a fraction of the cost you’d find anywhere else. 

All we need is a two-week lead and we’ll have your working drafting and construction drawings complete. 

Home Plan Subscription

We like to think we’re a one-stop-shop Our services begin at concept and continue until completion.  

Marketing & Design Support 

It’s one thing to give you what you need to build a winning home. It’s another to help you grow your business. We are committed to working with you on both elements of your business. 

When you subscribe with us, we will promote you via social media and online through our ‘Find A Builder’ service. We announce you as an Arei Designs partner and work to grow your business online. 

Additionally, we have an established network of vetted graphic designers, copywriters and social media managers ready to work with you. 

Marketing & Design Support

We don’t want to be the biggest online plans provider in Australia; just the best. 


Our subscription service isn’t for everyone, we work with bespoke custom home builders who build 5 or more homes a year. 

We only open our subscription to a small number of builders in each area so you don’t need to worry about having loads of competition in your zone. 

Quality is what we’re all about. Working with custom home builders with similar target markets (in different areas!) means we can hone in and refine our craft. It also means we’re truly the specialists in our field. 


Looking to up your building efforts in 2020? Contact us for a free consultation. 


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No two projects are the same! Whether you’re using a pre-designed plan or heading down the custom route, the best way to start your home design journey is to request a call back.

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