Our ‘how to’ on designing the perfect home office for you.
    6th Oct 2020

    Our ‘how to’ on designing the perfect home office for you.

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    They say home is where the heart is, however as of late for so many Australians, home is where the office is. And although many are slowly returning to the traditional office workplace, working from home is expected to become the ‘new normal’ and a way of the future for so many individuals and businesses.

    The unexpected relocation that took place in early 2020 meant many workers have been sending emails and making phone calls from their dining room table and chair, or worse-yet, from the comfort of their bed while still wearing their Easter bunny pyjamas and fluffy slippers. But while it may have seemed fun in the beginning, designing a dedicated, inspiring and comfortable workspace is paramount, in order to maintain positive work/life balance and work productivity. Below we have listed our tricks and tips on how to design a home office space where you really will not mind working overtime.





    Whether it is a separate room, or a nook in your hallway – the fit out can be as simple as a desk, appropriate chair and upper cabinetry. Decorate it with as much accessory as you would any other space, but also remember the old saying, “less is more” – clutter only gets in the way of productivity.


    Research has proven that natural light helps people be more productive, happier, healthier and more zen. When thinking about the workspace, try to situate yourself near a window, and keep coverings to a minimum. A beautiful way of dressing the windows is by installing sheer curtains or a light blind as they are not as dense as say a block out curtain.


    It is not very visually appealing when cords and cables are running rampant. You can find awesome solutions for cable tidying at Officeworks, or even use Velcro wraps which can be strapped under the desk as a sneaky hiding place.


    Well positioned greenery will only ever be a beneficial addition to a home office and when we consider their air purifying properties, we do not have one excuse to not invest in some beautiful plants. They bring a sense of tranquility, reduce noise and give you something calming to look at while working away.

    SIT TIGHT            

    When seated, your feet should rest firmly on the floor with your legs parallel. Find a seating solution that provides ample back support, supporting the natural curve of your spine. We recommend selecting the work chair first, and then purchase a desk to suit. Your elbow height should be at desk height, as this allows the forearms to rest parallel to the floor.


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    18th Sep 2018

    5 Reasons Why Investing In Quality House Plans Is So Important

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    Your house is arguably the most expensive item in your investment portfolio. It’s also your home. The place where you and your family create memories, grow, squabble, play endless games, share meals and more. It’s the heart of your family. When it comes to new builds, extensions and even renovations, it really pays to get the professionals involved to provide you with quality house plans. 

    When you work with a professional to design a house plan, not only are you getting high quality designs, you are accessing their creative, analytical minds. Here are some of our top reasons why you really should invest where it counts. 

    1. Sometimes, designers have great ideas

    The other day I had a retiree couple who approached me for a custom house design. They had in mind a beautiful classic contemporary home on stumps – about 750mm off the ground. The one thing that had slipped their mind? They were building their ‘forever home’ – the place they would retire and grow old in, but they had only stair access. Adding a ramp now, during the planning process, means they won’t have the hassle of converting their home in the future when stairs become too hard or dangerous to negotiate.
    Designers don’t necessarily know exactly what you need like you do, but an experienced designer can bring some great, unique ideas to the table that you might not have thought of yourself. The icing on the cake so to speak. And sometimes, they can discourage you from making a really annoying design decision as well.
    1. Quality designers aren’t free

    As the saying goes, nothing worthwhile in life is cheap, or easy, and it definitely isn’t free! Many homeowners choose to skimp on their planning budget, without fully considering that quality house plans can be the difference between the success and failure of the project. And even, if a project goes over or under budget.
    For example; 
    • Properly detailing exactly what YOU want on the plans, and even in a written specification means that when a builder quotes he can quote exactly on what you want. Reducing the uncertainty for him reduces the ‘unknown factor’ he adds in his margin, and can reduce the likelihood of being stung by expensive variations halfway through the contract.
    • Designing your house right the first time can save you thousands of dollars in renovations in the future.  By taking the time now to plan for the future and designing a home you can grow into rather than out grow in a couple of years. I.e: if your children are young now you can pre-plan for a teenagers retreat in the coming years saving the hassle of an extension down the track.  


    1. Sustainability 

    This is a big one. Designers are well-versed in designing energy efficient, sustainable homes. If you want to save thousands on electricity, water and gas, hiring a designer is the way to go. They will take your homes location into consideration and provide innovative solutions including solar power panels, natural heating and cooling options and more. 
    There’s nothing worse than getting into a ‘dream’ home only to realise it’s freezing in winter and stifling in summer. Smart design will minimise this by working with your surroundings, not against them. 
    1. Quality Investment 

    Being the proud owner of an architecturally designed home is not only a great conversation starter at a BBQ, it gives your home a nice little tick to potential buyers in the future. 
    It’s a cold, hard, fact that custom designed homes sell quicker and for a higher price than their counterparts (dependent on circumstances such as; market conditions, location and the condition of your home) which gives you peace of mind when it comes to resale value. In the current economy, every advantage in the residential market is a bonus. 
    When it comes to return on investment, the outlay for quality house plans will well and truly pay for themselves. 
    1. Customise Every Square Metre 

    There’s something to be said for the beauty that is ‘customisation’. Are you an avid reader? Why not add a purpose built library to show off your literary obsession? If the kitchen is where your family spends most of their time, why not order an oversized island bench ready for daily family catch-ups? Are the kids always on top of you? There’s nothing quite like a separate ‘parent-wing’ to ease the congestion and noise associated with a large family. 
    Basically, all of those dream home images you’ve spent hours pinning on your Pinterest can easily become a reality with a qualified, experienced home designer. Yes, it will cost you but the benefits? We’re confident they outweigh each and every argument for saving that $3k or so. 
    If you’ve been in the market for a new home or customised build for a while now and haven’t yet found what you’re looking for, contact us to find out how we can help. 

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