Luxury Add-Ons Every Homeowner Wants 

There’s one thing all homeowners who build their own home have in common, customisation. The beauty of building from scratch means they are able to do just that. Gone are the days when mod-cons were reserved for the wealthy. We’re seeing the average family homeowner request a little more luxury. The little touches go a long way so without further ado, here are our top requested luxury add-ons. 



The humble mudroom started as a way to keep mud ridden boots out of family homes. Commonly seen in farmhouses and colder climates (with lots of heavy coats), we’re now seeing them pop up in urban locations. Families and young professionals are seeking ways to keep their home organised and a mudroom is the perfect solution. 


We love this modern take on the classic. A number of our current plans include a mudroom, and we must say they are proving popular. Expect the mudroom to become ‘the norm’ in the near future. 







Butlers Pantry 

In years gone by, a Butler’s Pantry was used for Butler’s to prepare delicacies and keep the mess hidden. While Butlers are still reserved for the very wealthy, the pantry isn’t. In fact, many families are requesting them to save their stunning kitchen from the wear and tear that goes along with meal preparation. Better still, they are an excellent space to store the array of appliances, crockery, groceries and kitchen tidbits we have these days. 


They can be as simple or as extravagant as required. The best bit is, the design possibilities are endless! 




Double Shower 

The double shower is the new walk-in robe when it comes to luxury in the home. It may be because we’re all time poor and it’s easy showering en-masse or just because they add a beautiful design aesthetic to a home. Either way, we’ve been inundated with design requests featuring this mod-con. 


We predict this trend will gain momentum in 2020 and beyond. It’s easy to see why with designs such as these. 




Media Room 

With the myriad of streaming services available, theatres everywhere are feeling the pinch. Enter, the new must-have: the media room. Not to be confused with the lounge room or family room, the media room is a stand-alone entity custom-designed for binge-watching and the like. 


Smaller rooms with minimal natural light are the perfect choice for a home media room. 




We will be extending on the luxury home suite of designs to incorporate some higher-end mod-cons into mid-range family homes. Expect to see more in the way of mudrooms, butlers pantries, double showers and media rooms in our designs in 2020. 


Today’s homeowner is more conscious of the little touches and we’re rising to meet the occasion. 

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