House facade Designs Victoria

Your house facade sets the tone for your entire home.

A well resolved exterior facade will maximise your curb appeal and resale value of your house, plus, you will have the added bonus of coming home everyday to house you love to admire!

Each of our home designs have been carefully designed for Australian conditions; our house facade designs are no different. We have also made sure our facades suit trends and aesthetics Australia-wide. Whether you live in sunny Brisbane or ‘four seasons’ Melbourne, we have facade designs to suit Queensland, Victoria and almost any other part of Australia.

Choose a house exterior that will blend with your local area’s design trends, or stand out – the choice is yours. 

Ready to get inspired? Scroll through our House Facade options below.

It’s easy to get started on your façade designs in Brisbane, Queensland, and Victoria – browse through our gallery below or navigate to our plans library here to browse by floor plan. Remember, even if the AREI pre-designed plan you choose doesn’t have the façade you love we can always take inspiration from your preferred house facade in Australia and design something similar that suits your floor plan. Or, we can design a completely custom house façade that is uniquely yours!


Single Storey Facades

Series 8 ASF Render 4 Series 40 BSI Render 3 Series 8 ASF Render 5 Series 40 BSI Render 1 Custom Facade No. 1 Custom Facade No. 2 Series 8 ASF Render 6 Series 40 BSI Render 2 SHOW MORE

Double Storey Facades

Custom Double Storey Facade No. 1 Custom Double Storey Facade No. 2 Custom Double Storey Facade No. 3 Custom Double Storey Facade No. 4 Custom Double Storey Facade No. 5 Series 96 ADY Render 3

What claddings and finishes are shown in our facades?

Each material or colour shown in our facade renders is a genuine product available on the Australian market. We select high quality, versatile and popular building façade materials that you will be able to source for your build anywhere in Australia. Just keeping it real, over here!

What are the house facade trends for 2023?

House design is always evolving but by far our most popular styles we’ve been seeing are the classic Hampton’s or coastal facades as well as a surge in Scandi barn facades. Minimalist Mediterranean is also a very popular style right now, and it’s not unusual to see Palm Springs influences as well, especially for coastal Queensland house facades. Our Melbourne clients have been leaning towards darker, moodier facades with either Modern or Scandi Barn influences. Remember to design for you – as the homeowner it is important that the façade you choose reflects your design preferences and also utilises materials and finishes that are easy to maintain.

My budget is really tight, I’m not sure if I can even afford a nice house façade in Australia

If your budget is tight and you can’t justify spending too much on your house façade, don’t despair. There are many cost-effective design strategies for façade designs in Brisbane, Queensland, and Victoria that can have a massive impact on your home’s street appeal. Colour is your greatest ally when used correctly. Working with your designer to create a colour scheme that ‘pops’ won’t cost you any more than going with an average colour palette. You might also choose to add just one or two high impact features. For example, you may like to keep a basic roof style and brick cladding but splurge on a beautifully crafted and oversized front door. This will draw the eye towards the entry – exactly where you want visitors to be looking!


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