What We Do

Arei Designs offers sound strategic advice and processes, independent of the supply side of the industry,  to facilitate and articulate your project strategy, methodology, goals and procurement through engagement with key stakeholders.



Project Planning

Project planning is at the heart of the project lifecycle and tells everyone involved where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. This can include Scope Documentation (list of goals, deliverables, tasks, deadlines and costs), Work Breakdown Structure (who is doing what), Communication Plan and a Risk Management Plan, as well as a clear set of milestones to ensure the project stays on track.

Project Feasibility

As a trusted, independent third party, Arei Designs can help determine your project viability and if any conditions need to be met before making your investment decision. We will gain accurate information based on a thorough review of specifications, licenses and permits, location and site visits, and financial feasibility analysis.

Project Approvals

Council applications have become increasingly complex and the red tape can be daunting. With the approval process taking 3-6 months and sometimes more, the success of the application is largely dependent on the quality of the plans and the application submitted. We present a fine balance between keeping costs in check and ensuring Council has the right information provided by suitably qualified consultants to guide your application through the approval process.


Who We Work With

Arei Designs has experience in a wide range of commercial design and construction management projects across the public, private commercial and professional sectors.



Retail & Hospitality



Health & Fitness

How We Work

Our expertise allows you to focus on your business while we manage all or part of the design and construction project, reducing the demands on your time and completing the job to your exact standards.




Listening and Learning

Arei Designs will take the time to understand your investment structure needs to make sure we both have a clear understanding of the project’s specific purpose, budget, timeframe and aesthetic.


Stakeholder Alignment

The Arei Designs Strategic Advisory Service will align internal and external stakeholders, increase efficiency and productivity, realise savings in time and cost and strengthen linkages between business strategy and built outcomes.


Solution Focus

Our strategies will minimise risk, maximise opportunity and lead to the most suitable methodology to ensure deliverables and met.

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