What We Do

By being involved in a project from the beginning, we can add value to every stage of the project through our expertise in design and construction.



Expert Solutions

By liaising with the one contact point throughout the design and construction process you will benefit from cost efficiencies across each phase of the project. With Arei Designs as Project Manager, we can highlight site-related challenges before they impact on the program, saving time and money.

Risk Management

Arei Designs offers a structured process for managing risk, budgets, communications and relationships throughout the project. Our service includes project planning, contract interpretation, team liaison, design control and integrity, scheduling, construction coordination, supervision and reporting.

Time and Cost Efficiencies

Our project team will keep your project and all stakeholders aligned on the critical metrics of time, cost and quality leaving you to stay focussed on your business.


Who We Work With

Arei Designs has experience in a wide range of commercial design and construction management projects across the public and private sectors.



Retail & Hospitality



Health & Fitness

How We Work

A qualified and dedicated project team combining experts across key trades and specialities to ensure your project success.




Project Briefing

Our briefing process ensures we obtain a clear understanding of your design and construction requirements, so we can develop creative and on-point strategies, drawing on our extensive experience and access to expertise.



Our team will prepare a project schedule with clear timeframes and cost forecasts, including the development of any contingency plans if needed.



Your project will have a dedicated manager to oversee all aspects of the project, ensuring you have a clear communication channel for any queries and a flow of information to keep you updated throughout every stage of the project.

Let’s Work Together

Contact us for a no obligation talk about your commercial design and construction project.



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