What We Do

With more than 35 years of combined experience, we develop award-winning commercial building design and project management solutions combining quality, creativity and cost efficiency.



Strategic Advisory Service

From project planning to project feasibility and mandatory approvals. A sound investment needs strategic thinking and straight advice before the design process or construction starts, to help minimise risk and maximise potential.

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Commercial Building Design

Comprehensive design and documentation services drawing on the latest technologies, practices and design thinking to achieve a unique response and optimal solution for your specific purpose, budget, timeframe and aesthetic.

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Project Management

The art of directing and coordinating. We’ll oversee every aspect, including planning, monitoring, control and closure to take your project from inception to completion, to ensure delivery on time and on budget.

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Innovation in construction delivery methodology is trending towards collaborative, teamwork approaches such as Design-Assist. Having all parties on the same page from the beginning sets the stage for a seamless transition from design to build.

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Who We Work With


CDPM offers building design and project management solutions for:

  • hotels and restaurants
  • retail — from leasing surveys to shop fit-outs, through to full centre design and construction
  • professional offices
  • medical, dental and allied health centres
  • sports, leisure and fitness facilities
  • schools and childcare centres
  • multi-residential projects
  • government buildings
  • fit-outs of all commercial projects.

Based on our demonstrated capability and the strength of our enduring business relationships, we are ideally placed to partner with businesses, developers, private investors and the public sector alike to deliver exceptional quality projects.

Our Projects

CDPM has extensive experience in the design, planning, construction and fit-out of a wide range of commercial projects, including hotels and restaurants, retail centre construction, medical, dental and allied health centres, sports, leisure and fitness facilities, schools, childcare centres and multi-residential projects as well as retail, commercial and professional office fit-outs.

We work closely with our clients to manage every aspect of a project with innovative, cost-effective results while maintaining quality and safety. Our expert consultants have been strategically handpicked to meet our exacting standards to support our end-to-end design, management and construction solution.
CDPM is ideally placed to partner with businesses, developers, private investors and the public sector alike to deliver exceptional quality projects.



Retail & Hospitality



Health & Fitness

Strategic Advisory Service

Our design and project management experts will facilitate a process to unlock your strategic brief, define the project goals and develop a project strategy to present a business case with an optimal solution.


What We Do

Arei Designs offers sound strategic advice and processes, independent of the supply side of the industry, to facilitate and articulate your project strategy, methodology, goals and procurement through engagement with key stakeholders.


Project Planning

Project planning is at the heart of the project lifecycle and tells everyone involved where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. This can include Scope Documentation (list of goals, deliverables, tasks, deadlines and costs), Work Breakdown Structure (who is doing what), Communication Plan and a Risk Management Plan, as well as a clear set of milestones to ensure the project stays on track.

Project Feasibility

As a trusted, independent third party, Arei Designs can help determine your project viability and if any conditions need to be met before making your investment decision. We will gain accurate information based on a thorough review of specifications, licenses and permits, location and site visits, and financial feasibility analysis.

Project Approvals

Council applications have become increasingly complex and the red tape can be daunting. With the approval process taking 3-6 months and sometimes more, the success of the application is largely dependent on the quality of the plans and the application submitted. We present a fine balance between keeping costs in check and ensuring Council has the right information provided by suitably qualified consultants to guide your application through the approval process.


How We Work

Our expertise allows you to focus on your business while we manage all or part of the design and construction project, reducing the demands on your time and completing the job to your exact standards.


Listening and Learning

Arei Designs will take the time to understand your investment structure needs to make sure we both have a clear understanding of the project’s specific purpose, budget, timeframe and aesthetic.

Stakeholder Alignment

The Arei Designs Strategic Advisory Service will align internal and external stakeholders, increase efficiency and productivity, realise savings in time and cost and strengthen linkages between business strategy and built outcomes.

Solution Focus

Our strategies will minimise risk, maximise opportunity and lead to the most suitable methodology to ensure deliverables and met.


Commercial Building Design

We focus on quality, creative design and cost efficiency, and pride ourselves on our honesty and genuine commitment to ensuring there are no hidden costs or surprises.


What We Do

At Arei Designs, we develop award-winning commercial building designs combining technical expertise and creative solutions  that are supported by quality documentation with a focus on buildability, that support commercial and investment goals.


Design Innovation

Every building site is unique, presenting its own challenges and possibilities. We draw upon the latest technologies, design thinking and thought leadership to create an ideal project responding to our client’s brief from a commercial and aesthetic perspective, while overcoming the site’s challenges and working within local regulations.

Full Service Capability

With expertise across the full range of services, from planning, strategic advisory, design, documentation, construction management and fit-outs for commercial projects, Arei Designs offers a full service capability to take you through your project’s lifecycle.

Quality Documentation & Buildability

The Arei Designs team is led by a QBCC registered Building Designer and QBCC licensed and registered Builder and Project Manager, so you can be sure your project will be designed cost-effectively from a construction point of view, while still achieving your aesthetic vision. We provide quality schematic designs, construction plans, site surveys and detailed construction drawings.


How We Work

Our team will unlock the key aspects of your project brief and ensure our designs are aligned with agreed outcomes.


Listen and Learn

We will engage with key stakeholders to gain a thorough understanding of your project objectives, constraints and strategic objectives to ensure the project brief is clear.

Create and Develop

Arei Designs designers will draw on the latest technologies, practices and design thinking to achieve a unique response and optimal solution for your specific purpose, budget, timeframe and aesthetic.

Design and Document

We present quality schematic designs, construction plans and design development documentation, including sketches, detailed briefs, 3D imaging and full-scale models to help you clearly visualise your project, with documentation ready for authority applications and approvals.

Manage and Complete

From Town Planning assessments and reports through to development and operations works applications, we have a thorough knowledge of Council approvals and DA processes, allowing us to expertly negotiate all aspects of complex statutory approvals and regulations.


Project Management

With access to a team of qualified creative and technical experts, Arei Designs manages every aspect of a project ensuring innovative solutions with quality results, completed on time and on budget.


What We Do

By being involved in a project from the beginning, we can add value to every stage of the project through our expertise in design and construction.


Expert Solutions

By liaising with the one contact point throughout the design and construction process you will benefit from cost efficiencies across each phase of the project. With Arei Designs as Project Manager, we can highlight site-related challenges before they impact on the program, saving time and money.

Risk Management

Arei Designs offers a structured process for managing risk, budgets, communications and relationships throughout the project. Our service includes project planning, contract interpretation, team liaison, design control and integrity, scheduling, construction coordination, supervision and reporting.

Time and Cost Efficiencies

Our project team will keep your project and all stakeholders aligned on the critical metrics of time, cost and quality leaving you to stay focussed on your business.


How We Work

A qualified and dedicated project team combining experts across key trades and specialities to ensure your project success.


Project Briefing

Our briefing process ensures we obtain a clear understanding of your design and construction requirements, so we can develop creative and on-point strategies, drawing on our extensive experience and access to expertise.


Our team will prepare a project schedule with clear timeframes and cost forecasts, including the development of any contingency plans if needed.


Your project will have a dedicated manager to oversee all aspects of the project, ensuring you have a clear communication channel for any queries and a flow of information to keep you updated throughout every stage of the project.

Design Assist

We bring together a round table of experts from the beginning of the project in a collaborative environment to maximise cost and time efficiencies for your project.


What We Do

From the project inception, we closely with the Construction Manager and all key trades and consultants to engineer value throughout the project.


Enhanced Design

By establishing the Design-Assist team during the design phase of the project, we create an environment where information on current market trends and innovations in design and building methods are sought from the Construction Manager, consultants and trade experts to enhance the design process.

Value Engineering

This consultative approach leverages our extensive pre-construction services and enables us to provide ways to value engineer the best solutions for our clients through the entire project lifecycle. Constructability reviews, costs models and schedule development will help mitigate risk in early design concepts and minimise the need for costly change orders during the project.


With the Design Manager and Construction Manager working along with other trades from the beginning, the construction project will benefit from greater innovation in design and building methods, as well as an opportunity to resolve constructability issues before work commences.


How We Work

The Design Manager is the best placed person to coordinate the Design-Assist methodology to factor in pricing and buildability considerations during the design process.


Early Planning

By establishing the Design-Assist team during the design phase of the project, the owner has certainty that the team is designing and planning a building that can actually be built and will work for the budget.

Single Point of Contact

As your Design-Assist Manager, Arei Designs offers one point of contact for the Principle Contractor, consultants and suppliers on your project. We are experienced in working collaboratively to bring the best outcome for the owner.

Improved Communication

Communication is improved throughout the project by ensuring that all parties fully understand the goals and priorities, as well as the design and constructability aspects prior to works commencing. Having all parties on the same page from the beginning sets the stage for a seamless transition from design to build.

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