Arei Designs is…

The brainchild of multi award-winning design duo Benjamin Dye and Natasha McLean who have over 30 years’ combined experience in the residential design and construction industry.

The idea to create an online portal giving builders access to a comprehensive range of home designs came about through our work as building designers, and the frequent requests we would receive from builders to create well designed concept plans at an affordable price.

For the builders we spoke to it was important for them to have access to beautiful designs that would impress their clients, and for the designs to also be affordable so that they could keep their costs low.

This became our greatest challenge. How do we provide builders with quality designs that can evolve with current trends and technology, while still keeping costs low?

We developed our subscription model to help small to medium builders remain competitive on price. Our extensive library also means that the options you can offer your customers are no longer limited and always current.

It allows us to give our builders access to constantly evolving, up-to-date plans which would not be possible with a typical once-off house plan purchase.

It also allows Arei to offer our builders additional benefits. We become your design partner and we help you to grow your business through increased brand exposure, social media marketing, design advice and drafting support.

Basically, we want to be your one-stop-shop for design. With our own team of draftspeople, we offer highly competitive pricing for construction drawings.  If your clients require a design that is unique, we offer an additional design service, where you request a design and we complete it for no additional cost and add it to the collection.


About Arei Designs

Benjamin Dye Designer & Director

Coming from a building background, Ben is passionate about creating homes that are practical, functional and cost effective without compromising the design.

As a licensed Builder and Building Designer, Ben understands the importance of creating designs that relate to builders needs. His extensive knowledge of building techniques, codes, standards and personal belief in the significance of quality workmanship enables us to provide a professional service builders can have confidence in.

Outside of work he enjoys a good game of golf and spending quality time with his young family.

Ben’s role in Arei involves the development of new designs, innovation of business offerings, customer queries including construction-related advice, and the on-road marketing of Arei.

Natasha McLean Designer & Director

With a love for all things creative and design-related, Natasha holds a Bachelor of Building Design and creates home designs that fuse beauty with functionality. For her, the ultimate home is one that meets the lifestyle needs of a client perfectly, addresses the site conditions suitability and of course is delivered in a pretty package. She believes that there is beauty in simplicity, and that less is more, but that it is the little details that make all the difference to the quality of a final design. In her spare time she likes to renovate, dabbles in woodwork and enjoys activities related to the outdoors.

Natasha has a varied interest which encompasses a number of design styles. She likes to combine classic with contemporary, or modern with industrial, or classic Australian with a touch of Danish to create a fresh and dynamic look.

Natasha’s role in Arei designs includes the development of new designs, management of social media, creative direction and business administration.

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